Same Sex Wedding
This is an ever changing page, highlighting the diverse couples whose joy
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Maui Weddings
Taryn & Martin
Taryn came down from Canda while Martin came up from Australia. The two families meet together on Maui for a beautiful gazebo wedding in Kula at The Kula Botanical Gardens! Surrounded by tropical flowers  and loved ones at 3,000 ft above sea level they exchanged vows in an elegantly relaxed fashion.

Taryn wrote me these kind words:
"Martin and I just received our photos from the wedding. Going through them and remembering what a beautiful and wonderful day it was!
Thank-you so much for being part of it . Your beautiful words and heartfelt ceremony was more then we could have hoped for.
Thank-you for also sticking around afterwards to make sure we got all the photos we wanted."
Gay Wedding Maui
Ken & Bob
Ken and Bob had been together over 30 years!

They could finally make the lifetime of love they shared legal! It was such an honor to be a part of their ceremony.

As you can see by all the Lei on my arms, the couple honored all their guest by lei-ing them as part of their ceremony. It was a beautiful and personal touch. You could feel the love flow out to everyone.

The bonus is that we've become good friends since this first meeting and I get to spend time with them whenever they are on island - Which will be more often since they are retiring here any day now!

Garrett & Andre
Maui Gay Wedding
Andre and Garrett have all the energy, excitement and exhuberance (oh, and style) that comes with being young and in love!

Part of their ceremony was to take a moment away from the formal vows and read personal vows to each other. The ceremony was the first time either of them had heard the other's personal vow - let's just say the tears of love and joy began to flow a bit. It was beautiful!

"John went above and beyond to make not only our wedding special and memorable, but our entire stay on Maui. We did some research on things to do or places to stay and then let him know what we were thinking. He helped us with each place suggested and ultimately let us decide based on his personal insight as a Maui local. Everything was perfect! He was great at keeping in contact beforehand and was very flexible with planning! I would highly suggest using John for you Hawaii wedding, he cares and really puts effort into making your day perfect. Thank you John!"
Maui Wedding
Vow Renewals
Do you want to rededicate your deep and lasting love for each other?
Whether it's only the two of you or you're surrounded by family members and friends, Always Aloha can make it happen!

Like any wedding ceremony, a Vow Renewal can be as informal or formal as the couple decides.

We want your ceremony to reflect you!
10 Tips For A Successful Maui Wedding
1. Flawless Skin! Be sure to wear sunscreen (the minute your plane lands).  You're probably closer to the equator than you've ever been. Even if it's early morning or late afternoon or you're driving from the airport with the convertible top down, protect your skin with the correct SPF.  Nothing can ruin your special day (and night) like a Maui burn.
2. Rain, Extreme Heat, Trade Winds? NO PROBLEM, because you paid attention to the season and time of day when planning your destination ceremony.  Sure, you don't have to worry about snow or ice; however Maui has it's rainy season, times of extreme heat and afternoon trade winds.  If you're planning a beach wedding during rainy season, have an alternative location planned in case of unexpected rain.
3. Your Hair Looks Fantastic! Why? Because you knew to test the climate. Your (or your partner's) hair may react differently in the tropics than it does back home.  Take time to test out your style on Maui before the "Big Day" and call a professional if you need some help. (I also recommend going to a salon rather than having a stylist in your room - the lighting is always superior and it's a great time to "get away" and exhale from all the craziness back at your condo or hotel) .
4. Your Photos are Spectacular! Because you took the time to know your Photographers.  Maui has an abundance of outstanding photographers, each with their unique style and skill.  Are you looking for high end fashion, contemporary, traditional or photojournalistic styles? I can refer you to a great fit
5. This is Your Day!  Guard it like the Treasure it is. If you have family and friends coming to your union or wedding, you may need some breathing space as a couple.  Have excuses built into your planning, whether it's an errand only the two of you can run or a planned brunch for 2.
This will help calm nerves and bring attention back to what's important - the two of you.
6.  OMG you're on Maui! Do something special you can't do back home. Enjoy a Private Catered Dinner for Two. Go see an Authentic Luau. Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise. (snorkel early in the morning - before the waves come in, especially if you're prone to motion sickness). Not sure where to begin? Ask me (or your concierge)
7. Your Wedding is Legal!  Remember that you need to register  in person  on the island before you can have your wedding. Add this time into your travel plans. It doesn't take long and you'll be back on the beach in no time. 
8. Planning to have a reception dinner or private dinner for two?  Be sure to make reservations early. Don't wait till the day of your wedding. Spend some time scouting websites and reviews.  Again, you can always ask me or your concierge for recommendations.
9. Plan it the way you want it! Sure family members and friends will all have their ideas; however it's not their day - it's yours. So create the day the two of you want. Everyone else will deal with this reality in the end.  Set boundaries early on and stick to them and you'll have no regrets!
10. Don't lose sight in all the planning, travel and coordinating of what is really important. Focus too much on the details and you set yourself up for anxiety and frustration.  Relax and surround yourself with the spirit of the Aina. You're coming to Maui for the most important reason of all . . . You Love Each Other.
We Are Always Aloha
Using a wedding coordinator? Request me as your officant, I work with a majority of coordinators on island