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 We specialize in Affordable Ceremonies that are as casual and free or as elegant and glamorous as you desire.  

All vows are personalized and created uniquely for you, as a couple! 
Ceremony Choices Include:
Hawaiian Centered

Love is Love
Gay Wedding Maui
We provide Beach Weddings and Vow Renewals on the Island of Maui, Hawaii.

We'll create a ceremony to reflect the unique qualities in your relationship.
We consider it an honor to take part in your "Special Day" and we look forward to working with you to produce memories that will last a lifetime!
Always Aloha!

Your Sunset Wedding On A Maui Beach

There's Nothing More Romantic

Picture The Two Of You On The Beach
The ocean waves are lapping gently onto the shore. 
The sun is painting the sky with breathtaking colors you didn't even know existed! Another famous Maui sunset has begun. The backdrop to your ceremony. You take your shoes off so you can feel the warm sand on your toes. The only thing on your mind is looking into your beloved's eyes and saying, "I Do". You face each other lovingly and your ceremony begins.

No worries, no stress - just romance and aloha!

Everything has been taken care of - the beach permit, your lei, assitance with paperwork, photographer referral and of course your personalized vows. This is what we do!

Your Destination Wedding Day Begins The Moment You Contact Us. Always Aloha . . .

Whether it's just the two of you or you have a party of family and friends with you, we'll assist to find the setting that meets your needs.

(PS - Sunset is the best time for pictures. When the sun is low in the sky, you have the perfect lighting for portraits)
Beach Wedding Maui
Lesbian Wedding Maui
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Lesbian Wedding Maui

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